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October 3rd, 2007

07:43 pm - nightmaretime
Perry was just getting up to use the bathroom, having been entertaining his best friend for most of the evening. He was relaxed, he was happy, and he had to pee.

Instead of stepping into his bathroom, though, he stepped into what he recognized as JD's bedroom at the Inn. He looked around for a moment, slightly disoriented (he was a little bit buzzed, of course), but just chalked it up to more weirdness about this damn place. He was about to turn around and just use JD's bathroom, when he noticed the kid was actually laying in the bed, looking not well. He saw the several empty bottles of liquor second, and quickly stepped up to the bed to give him a look-over. "So help me, Newbie, if you've done something stupid again I am NOT forgiving you!"

Pulse was weak, he was clearly unconscious, and barely breathing. "Dammit," he swore, taking a second to think up an IV line. His heart hadn't stopped yet, hopefully wouldn't stop this time, but that hadn't stopped Perry's heart from picking up speed. "We really need to stop meeting like this, Harriet."

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May 13th, 2007

04:41 am
Well, its late enough and I'm bored enough that I decided to actually write something down in this thing. Its amazing how little I can get up to when I'm not at work.

Ben's popped back up, though, which is something. I hadn't seen him since he was discharged, and its a big comfort to see he's been okay. Who knows, maybe he'll even stick around for more than a week this time. Wonders would never cease.

I don't think its even worth mentioning that Newbie is still a constant strain of frustration after frustration in my life. It never changes, it never ends, so its not really noteworthy, and I don't know why I'm even typing it out.

I haven't seen Jordan for awhile, not since her little disclosure act in the cafeteria. Its probably for the better, honestly, since the woman does nothing but bring me constant grief. Carla's been harder to get ahold of than usual also... It would really figure that the only girl that sticks around me no matter what is Newbie... it really would. I try to get rid of her, but no, she comes back again and again. I'm going to run out of tricks one of these days, and god knows what I'm going to do then.
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